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Raw Energy

No one packs energy like Mother Nature.

It’s true. Raw healthy snacks provide you with:

– Insane energy.
– Increased mental clarity.
– Better sleep and less sleep needed.
– No ups and downs throughout your day

Pure Ingredients

We only want what’s best for you.

All of our ingredients are raw, organic, sprouted, and hand- selected to be sure they meet our highest standards of quality.


Good food deserves to live.

All of our tasty-snacks are simply-made. Slow dehydration done at a low temperature keeps all of the essential vitamins and enzymes of our raw, whole ingredients. The result? Some tasty and healthy snacks that give you the nutrition and vitality you need – naturally, and simply delicious.


Because you deserve to feel your absolute best 100% of the time, eat some healthy snacks!

Gluten Free

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Alissa Cohen

Out of all the raw granolas out there Tastymakes is by far the best I’ve ever had. The ingredients are of outstanding quality, everything is 100% raw, sprouted and organic…a bomb of energy and taste. I can’t stop eating it!

Sara Richards

When I first tasted this granola I new I’d never look at cereal the same way again. I don’t always eat raw, I don’t even stay completely vegetarian all the time, but incorporating some healthy snacks into my diet has changed my energy level and overall well-being.

Sara RichardsChef &
Patsy Scott

I was impressed with Melissa’s desire to offer healthy living snacks, as she could not find any to support her healing from a brain injury. I was so completely wowed by my first order, that I blasted out a blog entry to alert the world!

Graham Kahr

Tastymakes is the Michael Jordan of raw/vegan bars. The definition of granola bar has been forever changed and I can’t eat anything else now. The only problem is that they don’t come with a padlock, because I can’t keep my coworkers away from them.

Graham KahrSocial

Giving Back

5% of all profits are donated to: