Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. No pressure around buying gifts. Just pure enjoyment of family, friends and of course good food. However, as wonderful as it is, Thanksgiving can get pretty unhealthy, real fast. And since health is something I’m sure we are all grateful for this year, here are a few of my favorite found gluten free thanksgiving recipes on the web that’ll help keep your thanksgiving table delicious and healthy.

Tangy Brussels Sprout Apple Salad

Brussels sprout are one of my favorite fall veggies. That delicious little bud full of anticancer properties, is one of the healthiest seasonal things you could add to your Thanksgiving table. Most people only know brussels sprout as boiled (which can be quite stinky) or roasted. However, like most veggies, I think they taste the best raw, and your guests will be surprised to find out that they prefer them this way too!

This tangy brussels sprout apple salad found on Jeanette’s Healthy Living is just the right amount of sweet and sour and is sure to make your whole family fall in love with raw brussels.



 Stuffed Acorn Squash

To me, acorn squash is like a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with goodness. And though we are all about promoting a raw lifestyle, I, myself do not eat exclusively raw, though the good majority of my diet is. I like to balance out my diet with a few cooked dishes, especially in the winter. The First Mess is one of my favorite food blogs to read and she makes a delicious Stuffed Acorn Squash recipe with Wheat Berries (which can be sprouted before hand and eaten raw in order to soak up their raw goodness). I’m a huge fan of mixing raw and cooked items together, so this could be a fun one to play around with this season.



Raw Carrot Cake Bites 

I love carrot cake! But I feel like it gets a bit drown out this time of year with all the attention on the infamous Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. However, with spices like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, these healthy beta carotene bites of goodness would make for a perfect Thanksgiving dessert…or breakfast. Hey, there are no rules when it comes to eating raw ;)




Raw Pumpkin Cranberry Ginger Parfaits

Now if you really want to make an impression this Thanksgiving, try wowing your guests with this healthy, gluten-free and raw Pumpkin Cranberry Ginger Parfaits! The infamous Susan Powers, the woman behind the blog (another favorite of mine) is a mastermind for raw desserts. So stick with her and you’ll never go wrong.



Here’s to a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Let us know what your favorite healthy thanksgiving dishes are!

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