“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Michael Pollan basically sums up my New Year’s resolution in this one elegant and very much to the point phrase. After spending my holidays enjoying food and wine with our family in Italy it’s time for me to get back into my normal regimen again. I’m not gonna lie, this month of unavoidable gluten and excess sugar has me dreaming of endless days of yoga and green juices. However I don’t believe that starting the year out with a drastic juice cleanse and an excessive amount of exercise is the best way for me to regain my center. In fact I don’t entirely suggest that route for most.

Instead, I’m taking this month, and extending it on out through this year to eat food, but not too much and as always, mostly plants. Now I would’t ever dare to use the word diet unless talking about a lifestyle, so my new year’s resolution isn’t to diet, but nearly to slightly shrink my portion sizes, appetite, and in turn, stomach back down to what it used to be. The holidays leave us so accustomed to eating larger quantities than we need to at each meal, craving sugar and even alcohol, which is why we all feel a bit bloated and fed up come January. I know I do right now.

I want this year to be the start of my journey towards my ‘epic self’. I want 2015 to be the start of overall epic-ness. Are you in with me?


Here are 6 things you can do to help keep your new year resolution:

1. Get into a routine. Set your alarm, wake up and do whatever it is you decide you need to do. Do yoga, go to the gym, make a healthy lunch to take to work, your choice. But the thing is you have to do it. After a few weeks it’ll become habit.

2. Set goals. It’s hard to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve without a goal. Write down your New Year’s goals and keep it in a visible place so you don’t end up forgetting all about it.

3. Make it achievable. Whatever it is, make it achievable. Grandiose goals are always nice, but setting a goal that is a little too far out of reach will might leave you giving up sooner than you would have had you set a more realistic goal in the first place.

4. Move your body! Have you ever noticed that the days in which you spend all day on the couch in your pajamas are the days you feel most tired? That’s because it takes energy in order to create energy. Moving your body will help stimulate your mind and body and leave you feeling energized and ready to achieve your goals.

5. Eat your plants! I have a good feeling the majority of us have health and weight loss somewhere nestled in our New Year’s resolutions. Well, eating your veggies is the best way to fill up your tummy while keeping your meals healthy, full of fiber, and those ever important vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients.

6. Eat nutrient dense snacks. Eating healthful nutrient-dense snacks during your day will keep your mind out of a hunger fog and your energy up. Plus it’ll keep you from over-eating at your next meal.  Need help in the snack department this year? We’ve got you covered ;)


Here’s to another year of health and happiness and focusing on not over doing it, but giving your body exactly what it needs. Not too much more and no less.