We have had the wonderful opportunity to meet and team up with the amazing Erica, founder and head blogger at EricaFinds.com, and I must say, this girl knows how to find stuff! I mean, really, how in the world can one person possibly know and interact with every single good find both online and offline, is beyond me.

We couldn’t be more honored to be a part of her finds…because in my world, that means we must be doing something right ;)

Here’s Erica, up close and TastyMakes personal:

How did Erica Finds come about?
I was “that friend” who was always finding new products, places and things – and of course the best deals on everything. Many friends unsubscribed from deal sites and sale emails and waited for me to tell them what to buy. Erica Finds started as a deal finding blog but has morphed into a lifestyle blog. My lifestyle embraces health, wellness, travel, technology, running, the environment and new ideas, so the blog has grown and developed. I especially love finding healthy food choices from great new vendors.

What about Erica Finds makes you wake up everyday?

The unexpected benefit of blogging for me has been how many friends and connections I have made. Who knew? I love that I interact with so many awesome people. When people try my finds or get my deals and tell me about it, I get super jazzed up and ready to post more.

How long have you been on a Plant Based Vegan Diet and what made you make the shift?
I don’t follow a full plant based or vegan diet. I try to eat as much whole/unprocessed food as possible. Last summer I did an elimination diet and have found that no dairy/mostly gluten free and lots of fruits, veggies and nuts works best for me. I do eat meat and eggs and try to get these as close to locally as I can.

What are your top 3 favorite go-to recipes?