I was talking to a friend about how Oreo cookies are accidentally ‘Vegan’ and that though there’s a cream filling inside, there isn’t one ounce of natural cream in it. In fact Oreos are a 100% processed food. My argument is that they would actually be slightly healthier for you if they were made out of real butter and cream. Her response to my stab against processed foods was “better living through chemistry”!

There is so much I wanted to say in response, but sadly, I knew there’s not much to say to people who are so hard pressed that processed foods are are actually for the better. Here’s the sad truth: the average American truly thinks that, A: chemically produced processed foods allow them to live a happier life, and B: chemically created ‘foods’ are a part of natural eating because they derived from chemical compounds found here on this earth.

Here are the dangerous truths about this way of thinking:

Though we are living in 2014, our bodies are pre-historic creatures. We forget that for hundreds of thousands of years before our time now, we were living solely based on whole organic fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and seeds grown from the earth with an occasional amount of animal protein. We forget that by throwing these processed foods into our diet we are obstructing the meticulously complex ecosystem that’s living inside our bodies without us even knowing it. It’s like throwing hair in your drain