Many of you know that we left the comfort of our Boston friends and home is search of a new adventure and a more permanent relocation back to my home state, California. This decision was largely based on wanting to be closer to my family since we now have a new wonderful addition to our family, and the fact that San Francisco is awesome and has always been viewed our hearts as home.

Well, it’s been quite a few years since I have been able to call the city home and the majority of my friends and colleagues have moved on to other cities and those who stayed, I have sadly lots contact with. We have all evolved. The city has evolved in so many amazing, and not so amazing ways – but the beat in which the city moves is still the same. And just as the city has evolved, we have evolved with it.

At first we wanted with all of our hearts to have our products be the main pulse of the site with the blog being secondary and my health coaching being an additional plus. Well, after many sleepless nights of studying, pondering and trying to figure out what the best direction is for us at this time, we are extremely excited to present to you the new TastyMakes – for a tastier and healthier you.

As humans we are constantly evolving, so for me, TastyMakes should be no different. My mission from the start was to help others evolve into a healthier, happier and better version of themselves. And with that, TastyMakes has evolved into a site that is so much more than just your average delicious raw food snack company.

The new TastyMakes offers all the same deliciously healthy snacks as before (with new recipes coming out soon), however you can also order up a nice heaping serving of health coaching along with it :) My desire to bring the attention of the site to health coaching allows me to reach, heal, and inspire so much more than I ever could have with snacks alone. The snacks that we make will be here to help provide tasty, nutrient dense snacks on the go, and I will be here as a health coach to help you balance out the rest.

The content on the blog will evolve to store more personal testimonials from myself as a health coach to favorite meals, recipes and tips for young mothers, pregnant mothers and parents of young toddlers. You will also find tips and tricks on living a plant-based lifestyle and so much more.

I am so excited for what is to come and am honored to have you on this journey towards health and happiness with me.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to help you achieve your health goals. Check out out the new about page and sign up for a FREE health consultation today.