Before my child was even born I received a whole lot of  “good luck getting your child to eat greens” from all sorts of skeptic parents. Well, since a good portion of my daily meals consist of dark leafy greens, I knew she would at the very least be learning the importance of eating greens through example. And that’s exactly what she did.

As soon as she became interested in food I did what most moms do and started out giving her one thing to try at a time. But after a while I started feeling bad that her diet primarily consisted of fruit and a few overly cooked sweet potatoes and carrots. But not only that, she started becoming more and more interested in this giant glass of green stuff that I was always holding in my hand. So one morning I decided to give it a try. Mango puree vs. mom’s green smoothie, and sure enough, the green smoothie won. She absolutely loved it! She was gulping it down straight from my glass, and of course making a huge mess in the meantime. But I didn’t care, she was eating a large amount of nutrient dense, calcium rich, antioxidant filled, folate and chlorophyll packed greens! I mean, really, what more could a mom want in a meal for a growing baby?

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And so it began, our morning green smoothie ritual. I tried giving it to her with a spoon, but she would inevitably tip it everywhere or get bored by the time we were halfway through, or I would let her drink it out of a small glass and that typically just resulted in her pouring it down her lap. And in this house, wasting perfectly good kale is just a sin. And that is when I was introduced to the packaged pouches by another mom. It was like baby crack. But since I like to keep the amount of packaged foods in this house down to a minimum, I went on a hunt for the perfect reusable pouch. I first tried the yummy pouch which is great in theory, but honestly I could classify it as more of a semi-reusable pouch. The sharp corners, rigged spout and cap and the fine zipper makes it pretty much impossible to clean. They say dishwasher safe, but really, if you can’t get in there and get all the remaining food scraps with a bottle cleaner, you could only imagine how well our dishwasher worked on it :/

Then I found it. Scanning through my reusable pouch search on Amazon, I knew I found the solution I have been searching for. Rounded corners, a smooth spout, silicon body, oh yeah. I could tell right then and there that this sucker was the cadillac of all reusable baby pouches. And with a click of a button and two day Amazon Prime shipping later, the Sili Squeeze came into our lives.  At first I thought the spill proof spout would be impossible for her to drink out of, but she quickly got the hang of it and I can attest that having that spill-proof feature has saved many a rugs and blouses. The sili squeeze has got to be the number one baby product that I talk about and or just flat out buy for new mothers, and I can only think of two other products that I do that with. I really should just become a paid spokesperson for them already.

So, new moms of the world, get yourself a sili squeeze and save yourself money by making your own food at home and from not having to buy other products just to end up buying theirs (like I did). Got it? Good.


Now that you have your sili squeeze, time to fill that sucker up with some green smoothie goodness.

Here’s our classic morning mix:

Yields two 4 oz sili squeeze pouches. 


1 cup of mixed lettuce or 1/2 cup baby spinach and 1/2 cup green kale
1 banana
1/2 ripe avocado
3 strawberries
1 tbs chia seeds
1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until nice and creamy. I like to use a mix of dark leafy greens in order to insure that she is getting a large mix of vitamins and minerals. I am particularly fond of the Organic Girl Super Greens mix for convenience sake, but if that’s not available you can always mix your own. And don’t be afraid to add in a 1/2 extra greens, now’s the time to load ’em up and sneak it in!

You want the final consistency to be thick and creamy, but feel free to add more almond milk if it’s too thick to drink.
Additional add-ins: 1/2 lemon, hemp seeds, baby probiotic powder.

Note: this recipe yields 8 ounces of green smoothie goodness allowing your babe to have one 4 ounce portion with oatmeal for breakfast and one 4 ounce portion for a 3pm snack.

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And that’s that! Whip up a green smoothie for your little one and comment below with his/her reaction to it and feel free to leave your smoothie recipes in the comments too!

Happy Green Smoothie-ing!


I am in no way paid or sponsored my the Sili Co and all opinions of the product are my own.

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