It’s national donut day (or doughnut if you prefer to keep the ‘dough’ in it). I know what you might be thinking. Why on earth would we be celebrating a holiday based around heart-stopping pieces of fried dough? Hey, just because we’re all about promoting a healthier lifestyle on this blog, doesn’t mean we lost our urge to splurge every once in a while ;)

Plus, you will be happy to know, that there are plenty of healthy ways for you to enjoy your donuts (and the donut holes too).

Here are a few of our favorite raw and vegan donut recipes for you to make today, this weekend, or whenever you’re just in the mood for a donut ;) Oh, and if you don’t have a donut pan, no worries. Simply roll the dough up in a ball then pike a hole through the center of it with your finger. Easy peasy.

#1 – Raw Orange Ginger Glazed Donuts


Why we love it: They’re super simple to make and the mix of oat flour + brazil nuts just creates the most amazing texture.  Oh, and you might end up wanting to dig in for seconds on the orange glaze ;) However, Brazil nuts aren’t for everyone, so feel free to substitute them for almonds or cashews, it’ll work out just as nicely. And in true TastyMakes kitchen fashion, feel free to cut back or even eliminate the oil in the dough. Your donut will hold up just fine.


#2 – Raw Jelly Donut Holes


Why we love it: Who doesn’t like donut holes? I mean, come on! They just pop ever so nicely in your mouth and sometimes you don’t need/want to commit to a whole donut, but a donut hole always hits the spot – kind of like our BarBites ;) But anyways, the real reason why we love this recipe is mainly for the raspberry filling. Healthy jelly-filled donut holes isn’t something you see every day. This is also a great recipe for raw beginners. You can even opt out of the filling for a simple sweet and healthy snack that’s ready in minutes.


#3 – Peach Glazed Donuts


Why we love it: It’s a peach, it’s a donut – no, it’s a peach disguised as a donut! This one definitely takes the cake in the creative department. This takes all the guilt out of eating donuts and allows you to truly enjoy the deliciousness of summer peaches. Feel free to substitute cashews or almonds in place for brazil nuts and macadamias, and coconut sugar instead of agave powder. But seriously folks, this one is a MUST TRY!


So, have a very happy donut day, and let us know how you will be celebrating this fine holiday :)