This past Thursday an article by was published titled “Is Veganism Child Abuse?” and it highlighted, sadly, a young new mother who was warned by a pediatrician that her 12 day old daughter was dehydrated. The young mother apparently did nothing about it until child services came for her and she said that she didn’t want to give her daughter standard formula because it contains dairy but she bought soy based formula that she was planning on giving her daughter before the cops took her away.

Ok, so let’s get in to this, shall we?

Is Veganism indeed Child Abuse? My short answer is: NO…but irresponsible parenting is.

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  1. ana goldseker
    ana goldseker says:

    Thank you for this incredible post. Love it! It is sad when bad parenting or bad nutrition is blamed on veganism. I get it! I am a nutritional counselor specializing in busy moms. I am with you in the journey!

    • Melissa
      Melissa says:

      Thank you for the comment Ana. Being a plant based mom myself, it definitely is a topic that hits close to home. I’m so glad you too are out there helping busy and stressed out moms care for their children. Knowing how to feed your family a balanced and nutritious diet isn’t something that comes easy, which is why it’s so important for mothers to seek expert help here and there.

      So happy to have you on this journey with me!

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