Hey there 2014! How did you sneak up on us so quickly!?! 2013 has been full of exciting new things for us – including starting TastyMakes and introducing our first wonderful baby into our lives. And I know I’m not the only one who would classify 2013 as a year of BIG changes. What will 2014 bring for us, I wonder?

I personally feel like 2014 will be a year of growth and understanding. Understanding who we are and getting more insight on who we want to become – both in our personal lives and career choices. I feel like 2014 will be full of big decisions that will lead to more grounding years to come.

What do you want 2014 to be? What’s your New Year’s Resolution this year?

Traditionally, January 1st marks the first day of starting a new diet and January 30th marks the last day of said diet and you’re right back where you started from. Don’t worry, I’ve been there too.

Here’s a little trick I learned. This year, let January 1st mark the first day of your new lifestyle change. Diet’s don’t last, lifestyle changes do. Instead of a month of “I can’t have this” make it a lifetime of “I’m no longer that, I am  X”. And let “X” be whatever you want or need it to represent. If it X is quitting smoking or cutting animal products out of your diet, or running every morning, let it be known to your friends and family that you are no longer a smoker or that you no longer eat animal products or that you run in the mornings.  This will not only help you make better choices to stay on the path you desire, it’ll allow your friends and family to hopefully understand and support the decisions you’ll be making from here on out.

So whatever it is you decided you want to make happen this year, live every day as if it is how you’ve always lived. Sure, in the beginning it might require a little bit of faking it until you make it, but once you make it, you’ll never look back.

Here’s to a new and exciting new year full of health, prosperity and of course new and improved lifestyles!