Hello Friend!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your foggy view of yourself and your situation actually gets in the way of your overall success? Well I know I have. And one tip that I like to do when I’m having a down day is simply go back to the drawing board and redefine what success actually means to me.

So for example, I haven’t been able to get my company off the ground the way I initially wanted it to. Well, I could get all down about it (and trust me, I have) but then when I list out all the things that are going right and I redefine my success as something totally different than monetary, then, I am, by my new definition, successful :) I get to work from home with my little one, I get to help others find health, and I get to rise up to the challenge of evolving it into something bigger and better than ever before and I get to honor my efforts and dedication.

What areas in your life do you feel like you would benefit from by simply redefining what success is to you?

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