Hello Friends!

As news about the massacre a Kenyan university that killed 147 people and wounded 79 people flooded my twitter stream this morning, I knew I had to focus on something else for this week’s video.

We, given you too are a middle to upper class citizen living in the United States of America, have so little to complain about, yet we do it all the time. We do it every day. We complain about our hair, our spouses forgetting to buy the right things at the grocery stores, our children making a mess in the house, our body image, and the list goes on and on. But what we fail to see is how petty those complaints and struggles are. Not to say your struggles balancing your home and work life aren’t real. But if you think about it from another perspective, women in Kenya would die to have a life where she gets to balance a lucrative professional career and a happy family all at the same time.

And since we don’t have to worry about if or how we’re going to eat our next meal, or if our home and family is safe during the night or if the fate of our sons and daughters is to die of starvation or to be slaughtered at school, we choose to pick on the small things to complain about instead of focusing on constant gratitude.

Now, I do know that here in the US there are roughly 15.8 million children living in homes without access to nutritious food. Sadly, this is primarily the government’s doing for subsidizing corn, soy, wheat, (and dairy and meat), making processed foods that are essentially nutrient-less, the only food affordable to them. And this is real and something needs to be done. But for the rest of us who can afford fresh fruits and vegetables, what are we complaining about? Our thighs?

This week’s challenge is to put gratitude first in your life. Make a gratitude journal and write down things for which you are grateful each and every day. Make it visible in your home or office so that these grateful thoughts are not forgotten. Make it a family event and you will see how quickly this small simple habit of giving thanks will change your entire world.

Never underestimate the power of gratitude.

What are you thankful for?

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