I can’t believe it’s FINALLY here! I feel like I’ve been keeping you all waiting for days for this little book of joyful, healthful and overall delightful book of plant based anti-inflammatory recipes. When my dear friend Lacy Davis from Super Strength Health and I decided to embark on this journey, we knew we wanted to come at ya with some new recipes, but we also wanted to give you something that you can use to help you reboot and realign your mind, body and spirit…or hell, at the very least, give you a new recipe to wow your weird vegan party guests with.

The Super Tasty Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook isn’t just a guide for those who suffer from arthritis, bloating, high cholesterol or heart disease. It truly is a guide for everyone who wants to add a few new and easy go-to healthy staples in their life. This book is divided into six chapters and each chapter includes a breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert recipe that revolves around one anti-inflammatory superstar ingredient at a time. It’s as if we were on the iron chef six times and were given these anti-inflammatory wonders to play with. So yeah, we get pretty creative at times, but it’s all in the name of healthy deliciousness.

Enough babbling, I’d say it’s about time for you to find your next new, favorite meal.  So what are you waiting for!?! Join us on our creative journey through anti-inflammatory foods and download your copy of our Super Tasty cookbook HERE!