I know this is a hard one, especially now since all of our lives are seemingly fast-paced and constantly go, go go. But taking a 30 minute break to sit down and enjoy your meal has been shown to have some serious health benefits.

Here are a 5 reasons why sitting down to eat is a good idea:

1. It keeps you mindful. Sitting down while eating helps you become more mindful about what it is that you are actually consuming. Mindful eating is about putting your fork down in-between bites and tuning into what you are eating, the sensation of the food that you are eating and how your body feels while it’s eating it. Let eating become more of a meditation than an act of simply putting calories in your body.

2.  It helps you feel full. It takes about 20 minutes for feelings of fullness to reach your brain, and slowing down will allow you to get that message. If you constantly find yourself hanging out over the counter with a bag of potato chips, only to find that moments later the entire bag is gone and you have no idea where it went. (Don’t worry, I’m right there with you on this one). Sitting while eating will help slow you down, thus increasing your feelings of satiety, which can help you stop eating when you’re full.

3. It helps you consume less calories. When you’re seated and mindful about what you are eating, you will not only make better and healthier choices about what it is that you are eating, but you are more likely to eat less calories since sitting helps you restrain the urge binge eat.

4. It gives your body a break. I know it’s a crazy busy world out there, but giving your body some time to sit, relax and recuperate will help you perform your tasks with more accuracy and speed than if you just continued to plow through your todo list. So give your body a break, I mean a real break. This does not include eating while at your desk, nor eating in front of the TV. Turn everything off and give your body the time and attention it deserves.

5. It connects you with those around you. The act of sitting down and savoring a meal, helps us tune in and savor the company of those around us. You may find that the practice of sitting at meals together with your loved ones will help strengthen the bond, understanding and love you have for each other.


Do you sit or stand for most of your meals?