This last week’s #wellnesschat on twitter was lead by Andy Bellatti, MS RD on the topic of Bone Health.

Unfortunately, we have a fairly skewed perception of bone health in the Unites Stated primarily because we allow large industries (such as the Milk industry) to publish literature that we then teach in school as fact saying that “Cow’s Milk is the best thing you can do for you and your families’ bones and the more milk you drink the healthier you’ll be”. Everyone knows this. Like the late “got milk” campaigns, all that we know is that if you drink milk, you’ll look like your favorite athlete and or supermodel. However, the truth is, the Unites States is leading the way with the most amount of cases of osteoporosis and unless your favorite athlete drinks other things than milk for their bone health, they too will be jumping on the osteoporosis band wagon.

Well, luckily we now live in a time where all these false claims have been brought to light and more and more people are becoming educated on what truly makes for healthy bones – and much to our surprise, it’s a plethora of vitamins and minerals working together to form healthy bones – most of which come from plants (not cow’s milk), which really gives your bones the strength they need.


Here’s what Andy Bellatti has to say on the topic:


And that’s that. Hope you found these tweets to be as educational as we did.

What’s your stance on bone heath?